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English speaking

How to improve English writing and Speaking?

Learn English Speaking Online to improve your Spoken  and Written English.This page lists down tips to write better English and topics for Writing.

english speaking







Topic today: A picnic I enjoyed

Topic: The important role of newspaper and magazines in our lives

If you were asked to tell about your home town, What would you like to say?

Describe your best friend and tell why you like him or her

Essay topic: The advantages of living in the country and the disadvantages of living in the city

Topic: Give one of the activities you like to do in your spare time

Topic:An apartment or a college dormitory

Topic: Advantages and disadvantages of television

Topic:“Childhood is the best period of one’s life.” Do you agree?

Topic: Would you prefer an expensive wedding with lots of guests or a simple one?

What do you think are the best ways of reducing stress?

Which of these methods of learning is best for you?

Discussion: Internet

What would you do, if you had 100,000 USD?