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Topic: An exciting event

An exciting event Notes: Reading under tree – Cool and pleasant – saw snake – frightened – told people – they came – caught it – tied it – a man gave me ten dollars – happy – no more read under tree – exciting event

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Topic: Frightened by a snake on my body

Frightened by a snake on my body (A frightening experience) Notes: Tired after game – Rested under tree – Closed eyes – fell asleep – sudden movement on body – Opened eyes – Surprised – Snake crawling across body – Held breath – Did not disturb it – Snake gone ...

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Topic: A thief in my room

Notes: Sleeping in my room – Sleep disturbed by some movement in room – Switched on light – Saw thief with knife – Thief warned not to make noise – Threatened to kill if disobeyed – Thief walked out of room – Shouted – Too late. ( Hay dang ky ...

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Topci: An interesting story I have heard (Post 1)

An interesting story I have heard (Post 1) ( Dang ky thanh vien de co the xem dc bai luan mau) [hidepost=0]An interesting story that I have heard is about a deserted house in a remote village somewhere in India. The house had not been occupied for several years after ...

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Topic: A mystery

Note: Sleeping in my room – Something fell on the floor – Woke up – Switched on light – Saw large snake on my table – Screamed – Father came from his room – Killed snake – Took it out of room – Relieved

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Topic: A frightful experience

Notes: One afternoon – Swimming in sea – Was enjoying – Many swimmers – Sudden cries – Looked back – Saw shark – shocked – Much excitement – Screams – All rushed out of water – No one attacked – No more swimming

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